The Supreme Court Got It All Wrong – NDC

The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court

Dominic Ayine, a member of the petitioner’s legal team in the ongoing election petition has shared his disagreement with the Supreme Court’s ruling on Tuesday, 16 February 2021, which said that their client cannot reopen his case after having closed it earlier.

The court dismissed petitioner’s application to reopen his case and subpoena the chairperson of the EC on the grounds that the counsel for the petitioner has failed to indicate to the court the evidence he intends to obtain from the testimony of the EC Chair, and how the witness testimony will assist the Court to deliver Justice.

Addressing the media after proceedings Mr Ayine noted: “In our view, the court was wrong; in our view, the reasons of the court were based upon wrong legal premises but the Supreme Court is the final decision-maker when it comes to the law and we are bound by what it said.

“We cannot depart from it but the lead counsel for the petitioner has indicated that he’s filing an application for review with respect to the earlier decision rendered on the 11th of February relating to their decision with effect to the comparability of the witness testimony of the Electoral Commission.”

Source: TheBBCghana.Com