Even the Israelites who saw God face-to-face have no Cathedral – Lawyer tells Akufo Addo

National Cathedral In Limbo As 200 Work

Legal Practitioner Anokye Frimpong has questioned the rationale behind the building of a National Cathedral for Ghana when the economy is in disarray.

According to him, Israel, a country that saw God perform several miracles, especially breaking the red sea into two for them to cross does not have a Cathedral so it’s shocking that Ghana which is a latter-day saint is bent on building one.

He argues that Ghana is not a Christian state per the constitution and therefore there is no justification for the building of a Cathedral in a secular country.

“It is believed that the state of Israel which we are told God led them himself to cross the sea, broke the sea into two, put them into it and crossed them to the other end, with all miracles before they went to the land of Canan has not got a National Cathedral. Those who saw God face to face have not got a National Cathedral.

The state of Ghana worshipping idols, and ancestors and still doing that until Christianity came 300 years can today wake up and build a Cathedral for who? The question is for who? Because the Constitution of Ghana does not say that Ghana is a Christian country, it doesn’t say that it is a Muslim country, Hindu, Buddhist or Traditional.

And so if you put up a Cathedral it means you want people to believe that it’s a Christian Nation. Is it going to be for the SDA or the Roman Catholic or Pentecost and for that matter if it’s going to be for the state, who told you that the state is a Christian or given that it is for the state, how many times will we use that National Cathedral in a year,” he said on Ghana Television.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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