Food seller caught on camera stirring soup with a dirty broom as she prepares Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi seller use broom
Tuo Zaafi seller

Many individuals believe that eating food prepared at home rather than purchasing it from a roadside vendor is better for one’s health.

A food vendor who had a variety of culinary tools at her disposal decided to employ an odd one in order to speed up the process of making her soup.

To mix her soup and Tuo Zaafi, the food vendor in the video that has gone popular on the internet used a broom known as “pray3” in our local language.

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In northern Ghana, Tuo Zaafi is a staple cuisine that relies heavily on grains, herbs, and meat since these are the principal sources of sustenance in the area. Banku-like Tuo Zaafi is produced by heating corn bread and adding a little amount of cassava, similar to how banku is made.

The dawadawa and ayoyo leaves used in the accompanying soup are what sets Tuo Zaafi unique and make it a popular dinner throughout the nation, but one lady opted to make it unpopular by developing an unhealthy method of cooking her soup.

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