Forcefully passing E-levy can bring Coup d’état – US Economist warns Akufo Addo

Akufo Addo
Akufo Addo

Dr. Sa-ad Iddrisu, an American economist, has issued a warning to the government against imposing the E-levy on the people of Ghana.

The incapacity of African governments to address the problems of their populace, according to Dr. Iddrisu, is another factor for the high frequency of coups occurring across the continent.

According to the economist who spoke on Radio Tamale’s political take show, there have been four coups in Africa since the year 2020.

A number of difficulties, including its inability to handle the university lecturers’ strike and its reluctance to pay Nation Builders’ Corps recruits, have the potential to spark social unrest and military takeovers.

It was his observation that “you’re elected as a government to offer what the people want, not necessarily to have your way all of the time.”

He suggested that Ghanaians’ difficulties would be exacerbated as a result of the E-Levy.

As of now in parliament, the public opposes the E-levy, but the administration wants to continue with their numbers in parliament, which includes the independent candidate, despite popular opposition.

“Some of these concerns need the attention of the government. In order to deliver what the people want, rather than getting your way all the time, you should be elected to government, not to get your way all the time, since this generates unnecessary tensions that might lead to a coup, he said.

He requested that the government look at other funding sources for the E-Levy.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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