“He was to bring a Python for the Sikaduro” – Herbalist tells court as he denies demanding the daughter

I asked him to buy Python from Kasoa for the Sikaduro – Herbalist tells court as he denies demanding the daughter
I asked him to buy Python from Kasoa for the Sikaduro – Herbalist tells court as he denies demanding the daughter

Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr, the herbalist in the Sikaduro saga has denied claims by a section of the public that he must’ve demanded the suspect’s daughter for the Sikaduro.

This was revealed in the Facts of The Case presented by the police to court ahead of the prosecution of Evans Oppong, the suspect.

According to the Herbalist, he requested for a live python and even told him he can get some to buy at Kasoa.

It’s the man himself who suggested if it’s possible to bring some of his children having failed to bring the live python.

Below Is A Summary Of The Facts Presented By The Police To Court.

The Police have presented their case against the suspect, Evans Oppong in court for proceedings to start.

The police case captured a statement written by the Herbalist who reported the suspect to cause the arrest.

According to the police case, 47-year-old Evans Oppong returned to Ghana last year from Europe.

Back in Ghana things were alright for him but suddenly he started facing financial problems.

So, Evans Oppong discussed with his friend known as Nana Kwame that things are hard for him.

The friend Nana Kwame took him to a friend known as Nana KK, that was last year. The Nana KK guy suggested to him that he needs spiritual bathing or cleansing.

Fast forward to May 29, 2022, Nana KK and Nana Kwame took Evans Oppong to the herbalist, Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr.

According to Nana Adu-Boafo, he asked Evans Oppong to bring a live python. He told him to go to Kasoa, that’s where he can find a live python to buy.

Initially, he reacted that he was afraid of regular snakes, not to talk of a whole python.

Evans Oppong returned the next time and informed the Herbalist that he couldn’t get a python to buy so he should suggest an alternative.

Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr the Herbalist said, whiles they were both thinking about the alternative, Evans Oppong himself suggested that he has 12 children and wouldn’t mind using some for sacrifice for money.

The Herbalist responded that if he is willing to go that route then he needs the date of birth of his last two children to verify from the gods who amongst them would be accepted.

On the 31st May 2022, Evans Oppong presented the date of birth of his last two children to the Herbalist who chose one of the dates, the 11-year-old daughter.

The Herbalist says when he realized how eager the man was to use his own daughter for Sikaduro, he reported it to the police as of 31st May 2022.

He collaborated with the police and asked him to bring his daughter on June 3rd and bring along with 2 Ghana Must Go bags and 2 bottles of schnapps.

The police facts say, Evans Oppong told the mother of her daughter that his friend has returned from Italy with clothing so he wants to take the girl to him to try some of the clothes.

So, he went for the daughter with his brother who was driving the car till they got to a spot at Oyibi where he asked his brother to wait.

The brother stepped out and he drove his daughter by himself to the Herbalist’s house.

At the herbalist’s house, the daughter was made to wait in a room whiles the herbalist took Evans Oppong through some rituals.

Done with the rituals he told him to wait and that was when the Herbalist went into his room to alert the police to come for the man.

The Oyibi Police stated that it was not a set-up because they were able and actually asked the Herbalist to play alone when he reported the man to them on May 31, 2022.


Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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