How Twene Jonas Collapsed Afia Schwar’s Pure Water Business As She Served Special Ice At Father’s Funeral

Afia Schwar’s Pure Water Business
Afia Schwar’s Pure Water Business

Undercover Instagram blogger, Tutugyaguonline, has revealed shocking details about Afia Schwarzenegger’s ‘failed’ clean water company, which she started with her sister.

In an article published on Tutugyaguonline, Afia Schwarz claims that her clean water company has failed, and she holds US-based socialite Twene Jonas accountable for the demise of her enterprise.

This follows Afia Schwarz’s decision to serve visitors at her late father’s burial in Kumasi with Special Ice bottled water rather than her own water brand, despite the fact that she is a businesswoman.

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The presence of Special Ice water at her funeral, when it was supposed to be her water company taking center stage during refreshment, was surprising.

According to a post by tutugyaguonline, Twene Jonas is responsible for this after he claimed Afia had a snake in the water tank and as a result, people stopped patronizing the water.

Abusuafuor y3 si pure water company no agu ooo… So after Twene Jonas alleged she had a snake in the water tank. People stopped buying the water.. Her sales went down so she decided to find a new name to replace the QAS mineral water so that she can get her sales back. She used her daughter ; Pena’s name but still anny3 yie oo… Enti as3m no nyinaa ne s3 QAS mineral water ne Pena Mineral Water nyinaa agu oo.. That’s why they served special ice at the funeral wai.. Special Ice too is Despite’s brother’s company, so did P3t3 drink the Special Ice some anaa s3 she sent her own water there??

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Hmm Twene Jonas too small play she was playing with you, you’ve collapsed her business.. Hmm

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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