I Can’t Keep Mute: I Must Speak The Truth Today – Stephen Atubiga Boldly Declares On Live Radio

Greedy, Selfish NDC Leaders, Learn From Loyalty-Rewarding Akufo-Addo – Stephen Atubiga
Greedy, Selfish NDC Leaders, Learn From Loyalty-Rewarding Akufo-Addo – Stephen Atubiga

Stephen Atubiga is currently in a condition which many politicians would definitely not want to be.

A hard-working and very respected member of the NDC like Atubiga deserves better than this- Ghanaians react after he was dismissed from the party prior to his misconduct according to the party’s rules and regulations.

Ghanaians have been making some controversial statements after the release of the statement from the NDC party which dismissed Stephen Atubiga from the party.

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Atubiga has joined his predecessors who were dismissed from the party after similar fates reached them. Speaking on the Asempa radio today, Atubiga channeled his current frustration into saying some very powerful words which have since gone viral.

Indeed, he was sincere about the fact that most of the party members are kept away from their rights and this is something that members of the party who are suffering will never tell you.

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Atubiga alleged that a time will come when the NDC will probably yearn for party members and potential executioners of party tasks but will not be able to find any. And this will be as a result of their attitudes and the selfish attitudes of some members of the party.

I will speak the truth today because I’m not scared anymore- he stated. There are members of the party who are willing to leave today and I mean today and this is because they’re tired of the oppression and unfair treatment in the party- he alleged.

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Atubigah further explained that his silence over this period was as a result of the fear which has been imprinted in the minds of the other party members by power-hungry officials- he further stated as he backlashed some party officials who are allegedly in an unacceptable act.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com