‘I’ve been on radio for 25years and I have only 1 house and 2 cars’ – Kwame Adinkra

Kwame Adinkra
Kwame Adinkra

After more than two decades as a radio host and journalist in Ghana, Kwame Adinkra has spoken publicly about his wealth.

Kwame Adinkra was interviewed by Oliver Khan of Pure Fm, a radio station situated in Kumasi, Ghana, about his background and skills in the industry.

In the words of Kwame Adinkra, his 25 years of expertise in the journalism industry are second to none.

That prompted Oliver Khan to inquire as to Kwame Adinkra’s wealth, at which point the shocker was revealed that throughout his whole radio career, he had only managed to amass two automobiles and a single residence.

“I’ve been in radio for 25 years, and I own two vehicles and a home,” he boasted.

In case you forgot, Kwame Adinkra (also known as Apotiti Mati) is a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, musician, philanthropist, and public speaker also known as Luther King Kwame Adinkra.

He once served as Angel Broadcasting Network’s anchor and COO/manager. He presently hosts Pure FM’s morning show.





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