John Mahama and NDC Grossly Neglects Klikor; The 16:16 Power Ratio finally Activated from Klikor

NDC Neglects Klikor
NDC Neglects Klikor

Following a press conference held in Klikor on the 21st of July last month by the chiefs of Klikor in the Volta region in support of Governments decision to send Military personnel to Ghana’s borders to protect Ghanaians from Terrorists and COVID-19, an unfair treatment had been meted to Klikor and it’s citizens by the National Democratic Congress NDC and its leadership.

A speech read by Dufia of Klikor, Torgbi Xenodzi Dogbey II of Worgbato during the said press conference, was insightful and Truthful in defence of President Nana Akufo Addo’s visionary and defensive decision.

However, barely weeks after the press conference, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, John Dramani Mahama and his team drafted a Tour document to visit the Volta region.

Uncaringly, the NDC flagbearer John Dramani Mahama and his team intentionally left out Klikor from their list which is gross neglect of the people of Klikor and its leadership.

Realizing a condemnation, they quickly abandoned meeting the crowd and swiftly dashed out to meet the Fiaga lately before heading to Aflao, a scheme yet be investigated.

Citizens who had gathered at Agbozume lorry park since 10:00 am scattered as they waited long hours disappointed leaving a few.

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In fact, this is not the first time the NDC has neglected the people of Klikor and their leaders.

Throughout the NDC’s presence in power for Sixteen (16) years, Klikor has been neglected.

The roads here are not good and has never been tarred at all.  The people have not seen any development from the NDC’s government which ruled Ghana for Sixteen (16) years.

The NDC must indeed be ashamed of the sixteen (16) years of gross neglect of the people of Klikor.

We wish the NDC remain in opposition for sixteen (16) years in retaliation for their neglect of Klikor and its citizens for those Sixteen (16) years of power.

We don’t think the NDC has anything good to offer the people of the Volta region except failed promises as usual.

For NDC’s  16 Years of rule in Ghana, Klikor experienced a high Unemployment rate, a withering farming sector, bad decrepit roads and an unfit health care provision.

Contrary to all the nice pictures in the Green Book, we realised that the reality on the ground was very different.

Poverty, gross neglect, poor infrastructure, child labour, work-related injuries and poor medical care were NDC’s Sixteen (16) years of rule in the Volta Region.

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In fact, Ketu North has also been totally neglected by the NDC and the people there are very angry with the NDC now.

John Mahama and the NDC should from today ponder over the power ratio of 16:16 activated from Klikor today.

We now call on President Nana Akufo Addo led the government to come to the aid of Ketu South,  Ketu North and it’s citizens with development and support now since he has shown visionary leadership with strong improvisational ability.

We’re surprised the Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama only now suddenly sees Free Study and Learning Education as a Possibility.

Finally, if John Mahama and the NDC did not oven obey their own time table hours they structured, how can we trust them to keep their promises to us.

Obviously it points to another failed promises again.

If they can witness themselves,  even they tried to get people to come out in their numbers to grace the visit of flagbearer John Mahama, people were reluctant to come out hence the reduced number compared to previous tours in the Region.

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Many are just fed up with the NDC now.

When John Mahama and the NDC  reached Akatsi South, Torgbi Dorglo Anumah VI was quick to register his displeasure, being disappointed in the NDC for not helping Akatsi with a Traditional Council and Klikor has the same Problem even though the NDC has been in power for Sixteen(16) years.

This is a straightforward warning to the NDC.

And in fact, the NDC seems to have no plans to industrialize the Volta region by building factories, its really lacking vision.

Finally, in what could be described as a rejective blast,  during the Volta regional tour to Akatsi, after the speech of John Mahama, the MC took the microphone only to say John Mahama will rule over the country from January 7th, 2020.

What? 2020?….a real rejection blast since  President Akufo Addo has been ruling this country since January 2017 until now.

This is a clear sign of Volta region gradually rejecting John Mahama and the NDC.

Below is the five(5) page time schedule for John Mahama’s four (4) days Tour of the Volta region:


Source: TheBBCghana.Com