Lady Returns An Extra 20 Million Cedis That A MoMo User Gave Her By Mistake

Indeed! There still exist good people in this world. This has been fragrantly demonstrated by an honest young Ghanaian lady who returned an extra 20 million old Ghana Cedis she was mistakenly paid by a MoMo merchant.

The lady in question, Obeng Irene took to her personal Facebook space to narrate the story;

She wrote;

”My errands budget was around Gh 1600 today so I decided to withdraw Gh 2000 from MoMo.

Upon reaching the vendor’s place, she said the cash was on the way coming so she pleaded that I withdraw then wait small for it.

After withdrawal, I rushed to check out something, upon returning She handed 2 bundles 💴 💴 of 20 cedis notes to me , I quickly took it and pushed it into my purse without counting 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

About 5 hours later I had completed 70% of my errands but when I checked my purse i still had an untouched bundle of money 💴 in it (2000cedis) I was so confused and started recollecting and recalculating all the stuff I had purchased to see where the lapse was…. then boom it clicked to me that the MoMo vendor gave me 2 bundles (4000 cedis) instead of 2000 cedis

Without thinking twice, I paused my errands walked all the way back and handed over the 2000 cedis to her and prompted her that she was supposed to give me just 1 bundle and not 2, the lady just started trembling and crying, I only smiled at her and took my leave

Well, she chased me with 50gh as a token but I didn’t take it…

I just believe that we have to be honest and truthful no matter the circumstance 🥰”

God richly bless Miss Irene Obeng.

Would you have done the same? Leave your response in the comment section.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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