Mother Of The Girl Whose Father Wanted To Use For Money Rituals Finally Speaks and Drops Shocking Secrets -WATCH VIDEO

Evelyn Kemeh, the mother of the 11-year-old girl whose father tried to use for Sikaduro has opened up to the media.

The woman spoke to state broadcaster GTV today about how the whole thing happened and its aftermath.

According to the mother the father doesn’t stay with them but occasionally he visits the daughter.

She says the father, Evans Oppong has a good relationship with the daughter to the extent that he threw the biggest birthday party in her school for her last year which continues to be the talk of the school.

On Wednesday the father called the mother to inform her that on Thursday he will be going the kid’s school to fetch her to a seamstress to measure her for a dress.

The father then asked her birth day with is Thursday which means she is Yaa.

According to the mother, how the father asked to know her birth day was very suspicious so she discussed with friends who advised her not to allow the man come for the kid on Thursday.

On Wednesday afternoon when the daughter returned from school, the mother says she informed her about how her father wants to fetch her from school on Thursday.

She then told the daughter how her father asked of the day she was born to know if she was indeed born on Thursday.

The mother said the 11-year-old daughter reacted that he probably wants to use her for Sikaduro but they laughed it off.

Fortunately the father didn’t go for her on Thursday but on Friday morning he came to the house to take her.

He told them he is taking her to a seamstress to take her measurement.

The mother said because of her suspicions she advised the daughter not to sleep in the car on their way to the Seamtress, not to drink or eat any food and scream when the supposed Seamtress want to undress her.

Fast forward on Friday afternoon, the police called the mother that she is needed at Oyibi Police Station where they informed her that the father of her daughter have been arrested for attempting to use their daughter for money rituals.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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