10% Of Public Sector Workers Must Be Sacked – Dr Kusi Boafo

Kusi Boafo
Kusi Boafo

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Public Sector Reforms, Thomas Kusi Boafo, says 10% of the public sector workers must go home.

His comment comes at the back of the recent statement made by Professor Annim on the renewal or termination of contract of public sector workers based on performance.

Speaking on Wontumi TV, Mr Boafo said “a public sector worker is someone who facilitates government work but the truth is some of them are not meeting standard. There are some people who are sacrificing because they are not paid that much, others too do not have the necessary tools and equipment they need to work and in other circumstances supervision is low’’.

“In the educational sector for instance, some teachers in the public schools enroll their children in the private schools because it is believed that they are better than the former. It tells that they do not believe in the their capacity but this should not be the case. For me 10% of the public sector workers should be sacked. Some of them are ill and they don’t have the energy to do the job yet they are still occupying very important positions. Others are doing the job as they please, If they were to be in the private sector they would have been sacked by now’’.

He however, indicated that government is not happy about the current state of the sector yet he is unable to terminate contract of some unproductive workers because  people will end up politicking  and blaming government for taking their jobs away from them.

‘’Instead of facilitating the jobs, they look for their personal interest and some  take money from clients before they render the service or do what they are required to do. We should have taken advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and laid some off but government had too much pity and the nature of our politics makes it difficult taking hard decisions and that is causing economic harm to the country’’, he made known.

Additionally, Mr Kusi Boafo said a good few  are committed to their jobs, and sacrifice tremendously for the sector.

He suggested that the heads in the various government organizations must focus on building capacity and mind set change, revealing some employees are against the digitization agenda because they no longer have the opportunity to dupe people.

”The calibre of people we need at the public sector we don’t have yet, and ones we have, some do not don’t have the mindset of a public sector worker”, he stated.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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