My boyfriend doesn’t have time for me – Pretty Lady cries out for help

My boyfriend doesn’t have time for me – Pretty Lady cries out for help
My boyfriend doesn’t have time for me – Pretty Lady cries out for help

A lady has asked her friends on social media for advice on how to deal with her relationship after her boyfriend started ignoring her.

The unidentified lady explained that her boyfriend refused to frequently communicate with her, adding that the man usually claims that he is busy.

According to the young lady, he gives her rapt attention when they are together and only ignores her when they are apart.

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She noted that she is confused about his behaviour because she doesn’t know how to move forward with the relationship.

The lady asked Nigerians to advise her on how to move forward with her relationship. She added that she is not in a long-distance relationship.

Read her story below:

“My Boyfriend Is Just Getting More Annoying These Days. He Won’t Call nor text for days, always claiming to be busy.

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But anytime we see, he will turn to the sweetest guy on earth and I will feel like things should stay that way forever. But once we say bye to each other, it’s the same story until when we see again.

It’s not a long Distance Relationship as u guys may think but I don’t know whats’ stopping him from showing care through calls and texts too. He doesn’t pick my calls too most times and that’s what I hate most.

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I like clingy, I like double texts, phone calls, Good morning and Good night texts. And now, am getting tired of the relationship. I don’t know what to do, any advice ,Please?”

Do you have any advice for her?


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