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No Ghanaian man can satisfy me in bed, I’ve fvck 63 guys now but none satisfied me – Shugatiti


A famous Ghanaian nudist named Shugatiti believes that no guy conceived by a woman can ever satisfy her sexually.

Shugatiti claims to have slept with hundreds of men, but that she has never felt fulfilled by sexual activity.

For her, not even hours of sensuous touch would be enough.

She claimed that she has yet to find a male partner who can satisfy her desire to the point of orgasmic climax, despite her constant desire and eagerness for intimacy.

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She was so convinced that no man could ever make her experience the heights of intercourse pleasure again that she went so far as to say that it was impossible.

Surprisingly, Shugatiti continued by saying that her desire to have sexual encounters is as powerful as ever and that she has no plans to restrict the amount of men she sleeps with or the intensity of those encounters in order to preserve her autonomy or sate her need for sexual satisfaction.

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She also boasted about her prowess in the sack and her boundless vitality, both of which, she said, left men desiring more.

“You can’t satisfy me; I’ve never had a cum and I don’t experience orgasms.” My doctor responded that it was normal when I asked because not all ladies will experience orgasms.

“Because I don’t experience climax, trying to make me feel good is out; you just have to match our level of activity till we tire.

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“I love having intercourse; I love becoming drenched; I love the penetration and the way things go in and out. I also prefer working long hours, like all day. I don’t experience fatigue. The reality is, everyone I’ve had intercourse relations with failed to match my enthusiasm, she told ZionFelix in an interview.