“No serious man will go for ‘born one’ lady, they’re lazy” –  Marriage counsellor Grandpa

Marriage counsellor Grandpa
Marriage counsellor Grandpa

Ghanaian actor and counselor, Grandpa has disclosed why men do not have serious relationships with unwed women they have children with.

According to him, most of these women are lazy and feel because “they have a child with the man, he is entitled to take care of them and the child.

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Speaking on e.tv Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show hosted by Adwen the Love Doctor, Grandpa said, “They are just lazy. They lazy around doing nothing and depend on the man for everything whereas, men hate lazy women who don’t put in an effort to make a living for themselves”.

He emphasized that it is a turn-off for men especially if the woman casts all her burdens unto the man.

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“This is where if the man is unable to keep up with everything the woman demands, he finds ways and means to cut her off,” he said.

Grandpa went on to say that men respect independent women than those who depend on them.

He advised ladies who find themselves in such situations of born-one to do better if they want their men to marry or stay with them.

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