Police arrest 7 over broad daylight shootout inside Nima

Seven people have been arrested by the Ghana Police Service in connection with a shootout in Nima, Ghana, on Tuesday between two groups of people.

A police officer is guarding five of the suspects, and two are being treated in a hospital under the watchful eye of a police officer.

All the leaders of two gangs that are called Kumordzi and Bombon are also being sought by the police.

Appiah, one of the people who were hurt, is being treated at 37 Military Hospital in the city.

He said, “Nima was hit by a huge wave of violence around 3:30 pm yesterday [Tuesday], and the police quickly intervened. They were able to stop the violence.” Violence spread to some parts of Nima, but we were able to stabilize the situation.


“7 persons have been arrested. 5 are presently here with us, and the other two are on admission at the Police hospital.”

He also stated that the police are working hard to catch all criminals in Nima and its surrounding areas.

The Police Service shared a video on Facebook of a group of men wielding machetes walking down a street in Nima, while some fired gunshots into the air.

In a social media post, the Police Department also stated that it had strongly intervened and contained the violence.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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