Secret Wife Of A Roman Father Storms His Final Funeral Rites With His Nine Kids

Secret Wife
Secret Wife

Per Biblical principle Jesus Christ remained an unmarried virgin throughout his life and it is on this belief that the various catholic priest across the globe do not marry as a number of the ancient martyrs and church fathers emulated his life of chastity as they also remain unmarried virgins.

This practice by the Catholic Church has always received huge public outcry as it may be a hindrance to a faction of the church that holds the dream on becoming a Roman father but handicapped by the said practice.

The Catholic leaders are also of the view that priestly celibacy ensure priests the needed energy and dedicated to concentrate on the work of God so as emulate their Lord Jesus Christ who remained an unmarried virgin before and after his death.

Interestingly, a mournful final funeral rite of a Roman Father, Oti Boateng today turned into a pure drama as a strange woman who goes by the name Vida Anim together with her nine children stormed the final funeral rites with the news that he was the secret wife to the late Roman father.

To make matters worse, the woman who claimed to be the secret wife of the cleric proved her stance as she showed pictures of herself with her late husband.

The funeral turned out to be a drama as the citizenry of Jamasi-Yonso trooped in their numbers just to have a look at the said secret wife and children of the Roman father.

The Catholic leaders who were present at the final funeral rites disclosed that their brother and a friend, Roman Father Oti Boateng never disclosed such information to any of them when he was alive.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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