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JA Adofo

JA Adofo opens up about his life, role model, how he stared music and...

Celebrated Ghanaian High Life musician, JA Adofo has acknowledged that he copied Nana Ampadu’s style and music beat as a budding artiste. “I listened to...
coronavirus cases

JUST IN: Ghana’s Coronavirus Case Counts Jump To 6,617 – Check Regional Breakdown

Ghana has recorded some 66 extra coronavirus cases which brings the tally to 6,683 from the previous 6,617. With 20 more people healed, the number...

SAD News as Tuo Zaafi Seller Caught Stirring Soup With Broom In Dirty Environment

A distressing video of a lady cooking food for sale has surfaced on the internet, causing quite a commotion among viewers. Do you know how...
One-week observation held for Madam Joyce

One-week observation held for woman killed in bullion van robbery (+ Photos

Constable Emmanuel Osei and Joyce Efia Amankwa, the story of how the latter lost her life to the bullet of the indiscriminate shelling robbers...
Rev Obofuor killed Wayoosi’s mother

Rev Obofour didn’t  kill my mother – Wayoosi

Midget actor, Wayoosi has finally added his voice to the buzz that Rev Obofour played a major role leading to the death of his...