The Sad Story of Private School Teachers – Letter To Akufo Addo

The Sad Story of Private School Teachers
Frank Ofori

On the 15th March 2020, the president of Ghana declared the closure of all schools both private and public. The closure of schools was as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana.

Not long after the closure of schools, people in Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi were put under lockdown. Most of the people in private schools were not paid before this lockdown. Even though some of them were paid but half of their salaries, sadly some were paid in full, but their payments were accompanied by their letters of dismissal. Sadly, some people (ie) private school teachers were not even paid at all.

I heard a sad story of a young man who was paid half of his monthly salary of Gh¢600 (ie) Gh¢300. His wife too was not paid at all for her March salary. This man has two children and the four people had depended on the GH¢300 for the past month and over. He further stated that he had borrowed GH¢200 before his March salary was given to him since his usual extra classes fees were no longer coming because of the closure of schools. The situation is now unbearable and the young man is frustrated.

I know for certain that this young man is not in this alone, there are other private teachers who are suffering the same fate as our brother or even worse. Surprisingly Most of the people who are sacking teachers or paying half salaries for the March or not paying their teachers at all are either Opinion leaders, Men of God, Chiefs and political leaders who were supposed to know better.

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Yes, it’s true that the school’s income had seized because of non-payment of school fees. We also understand that some schools use their feeding fees to pay their teachers, hence the absence of school children is the absence of funds. But let’s face reality.

  1. The 2nd term was almost over. It was barely a month to go when the government declared the closure.

2. This was a pandemic which nobody planned for, so this was the time these schools were to show to their workers that, yes, they really matter to them.

3. Gathered information also indicated that some of these opinion leaders or churches of these men of God also donated to some people in their locality. Why?  To prove to the people in the community that, the teachers in their schools have no problems.

4. Some headteachers and other people who were workers in some of these same schools were paid in full of their March salaries.

Some speculations indicate that some headteachers were paid in full to support the school managements to execute their plans of not paying their teachers.

Now the questions are;

  1. How will these private teachers survive?
  2. Why are we Ghanaian wicked but turn to blame the Government for every problem?
  3. Will these teachers who were sacked without pay be employed by the schools after this pandemic?
  4. Is there anything the government can do about this situation?
  5. Has anyone heard the silent cry of these private school teachers?

Covid-19 may not kill these teachers and their families but hunger will. Now even though the partial lockdown is lifted in Accra and Kumasi but these teachers will still not have any money. Obviously, they are not receiving any salaries till school resumes.

#Private teachers are suffering

#Government should do something

#God saves Ghana.


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