Twist: The Lady who called Selly Galley a barren was a deadly witch at SHS – Classmate SPEAKS

Henewaa Piesie
The Lady who called Selly Galley a barren was a witch at SHS – Classmate SPEAKS

A classmate of Henewaa Piesie, the lady who described actress Selly Galley as barren and ugly, exposed Henewaa detailing how her “evil” life on campus contributed to her losing friends.

According to the friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, Henewaa whose real name is Lois displayed some characteristics including witchcraft while in SHS and as a result didn’t have many friends.

He alleged that Henewaa or Lois went to Arab to sleep with men for money and when she came back to school, she deceived everyone that she had travelled to Germany.

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This same friend also revealed how Henewaa used to bully her mates at school and lived like a real-life “witch” who tormented her mates at school that they became scared of her.

“I am not surprised by at all. She has always been a bitter girl who enjoys tormenting others usi9ingb witcraft spirit. She is the definition of a real witch because back at high school she was rejected by everyone. Everyone was scared of her because she was a bully and had a vile mouth that could literally make you commit suicide.. I hope her scuffle with Selly Galley makes her change for the better”, He stated.

Meanwhile, Henewaa is still trending after she touched the tail of a wounded lioness and got bitten by it.

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Thus, Selly Galley cursed Henewaa for daring to call her ugly and barren especially since she has been praying for a fruit of the womb after five years of marriage.

Even though Henewaa has come out to apologize, Selly Galley is yet to respond to her.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com