Video: “A woman who can’t give birth is just like a man” – Nana Yaa Brefo

Nana Yaa Brefo womb
Nana Yaa Brefo womb

The importance of children for African people has been prioritised above many other reasons for marriage. Besides the fact that every childless marriage has only a slim chance of survival, women are the main objects of this pressure.

And as a result of the statement ‘Woman’s glory is crowned in childbirth‘ pressurises African women to go to great lengths to conceive a child of their own perhaps as in the case of broadcaster Nana Yaa Brefo.

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According to Nana Yaa Brefo who was sharing her 17 years journey in life without a womb as a result of the negligence of a doctor postulated that a woman who can’t give birth is just like a man, ceteris paribus.

“Do you know that as I sit here, I am like you, there is no difference between you the man and me sitting here. What makes me a woman is missing, I have no womb…yes, I have had to live without a womb for 13 years…,” Nana Yaa Brefo tearfully said.

She furthered that a woman’s pride especially the one who is married is to have her own child. So, a woman’s inability to have a child because of an absence of womb is no different from a man in real life.

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Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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