Video: Okomfour Kwadee’s family issues a strong warning to Lord Kenya to stop helping him

Kwadee family to sue Lord Kenya
Okomfour Kwadee’s family issue a strong warning to Lord Kenya

Evangelist Lord Kenya has spit venom on the family of rapper Okomfour for threatening to sue him for helping his former colleague in the music industry.

Most recently, Lord Kenya was spotted with Okomfour Kwadee at the rehab centre after it emerged that the celebrated rapper needs urgent help.

But from all indications, it appears the family are not really pleased with the help Lord Kenya is offering Kwadee per the narrative of Lord Kenya in footage available to The BBC Ghana.

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This is because Lord Kenya who is now an evangelist revealed that the family of the rapper have written a letter to him to stay off Okomfour Kwadee or face a lawsuit.

Lord Kenya further revealed that whoever tries to help Okomfour Kwadee is stopped or frustrated by the family and he believes that the family of the rapper is behind his condition.

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