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JennCole Design School
Get familiar with “JennCole Design School” in Partnership with The Taste of Afrika

The truth is, God created each of us on purpose, for purpose and with Purpose! Every step we take in life whether good or bad leads us to our destiny if we trust and believe God is faithful to his word and that his purpose is much greater than ours.

We don’t always understand why things happen or why he leads us in certain directions, but later on, we see and understand why. Regardless, read below as Jenn Cole, a Successful Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer of more than two decades writes about her partnership with The taste of Afrika which has given birth to “JennCole Design School”.

“I say this to say, my journey from a little girl dreaming of being a designer, to starting my own business in MS, to opening the first black bridal salon in MS, to moving to NY, to attending school at the Arts Institute of NY, to working for Ralph Lauren, to working for Top Hat Imagewear and learning the production process, to travelling the world and being exposed to the different cultures, to starting the JennCole Designs Label and working for myself again, to learning everything about the fashion industry that anyone could learn, to becoming a partner of The Taste of Afrika and seeing the need to take my talent and give back to those that are less fortunate, was all a part of God’s greater purpose for my life!

Each of these steps wasn’t something I planned but steps God planned for me! I listened and allowed God to order my steps and with my faith and belief in him, each time he took me higher and higher. Not saying it wasn’t tough along the way but I now see why each step was necessary whether good or bad! Every step made me who I am today and equipped me for the purpose at hand.

My love for all people, my love for Afrika, my big heart for those in need, my love to want to see others succeed, my love for the fashion industry all played a part in me deciding to do more in Ghana and Afrika as a whole!

Seeing women in Afrika from underprivileged families and women on the streets with raw talent to sew but no one to help them, guide them, or give them an opportunity in life brought me back to my childhood and my dream and how I felt growing up!

I knew if I take all the knowledge God has given me in fashion/designing and give it to them, they would be unstoppable! It would change their lives around! They would reach the level of any other Designer in the world!

I’ve been helping many already but I realized this is bigger than me and will take more than me to do it! God puts us in certain positions for his glory, not ours. When he puts you in the position to make a difference and help others, you need to do it or risk losing it all because you didn’t obey. So, he has put me in the position to help hundreds of our women, and with every breath, in me, I will do it!

I’ve founded a Nonprofit school so these women don’t have to pay for anything, just learn. I want to give them the opportunity and support they need to be successful in the Fashion Industry so I am building a Design School just for the underprivileged!

“JennCole Design School, Inc” Slogan – “Dream It, Be It”

The school will be a 2-year program with 3 months training at the NY location as well and a graduate program the 3rd year to help them start their own businesses or land good jobs in the Fashion Industry.

The first school will be built in Ghana projecting finish before the end of 2021. Schools Corporate office in NY with 2nd school training facility in NY in the year 2022. After 3 years I will build in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Morocco, Zimbabwe and Rwanda, building a new school every 3 years.

I’ve already been working hard getting started in Ghana, with help from the Taste of Afrika’s founder Tengol K Kplemani, thank God for his hard work in helping me get things done. We’ve picked out land I am purchasing, school is registered with NY and Ghana, business plans and Nonprofit done, logo, the website will launch on Sept 10th and you will be able to watch our progress live through the website on that day with the ladies that have been chosen so far.

Please follow and share the school’s social media and keep up with all our activities. We have a lot of footage to show you! And I can’t wait to get to Ghana as soon as the borders open!

FB: JennCole Design School, Inc

IG: jenncole_designschool

If interested in being a student please contact us through social media:

FB: JennCole Design School, Inc.

IG: @jenncole_designschool @thetasteofafrika @mrwearghana

If you’d like to support, we are accepting all sponsors, donations, contributions, etc., every dollar matter. I am also looking for experienced grant writers. Inbox me from the school’s pages if interested. Or email via [email protected]

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Get Ready Ghana! This is the amazing team for JennCole Design School, Inc Jennifer Cole – Founder of JennCole Design School, Inc., Owner of JennCole Designs Inc. NY, Creator of the JennCole Designs Label and Director of Fashion & Modeling for The Taste of Afrika. Tengol K Kplemani – Director of Operations/JennCole Design School, Inc, Founder of The Taste of Afrika and Founder/Boundaryless Media Broadcasting & Media Production Company Lee King – Board Chair/JennCole Design School, Inc, Legendary Music Producer/Promoter, Executive Director & Producer of Jackson Music Awards/Jackson MS, Former National TV Show Founder/Host/Choreographer of “Black Gold” dance music show for 21 years. Servia Howard Fortenberry – Vice Chair/JennCole Design School, Inc, City Clerk/CFO for City of Natchez MS Mayors Office, Former Hinds County Board of Supervisors-District Five Special Projects Officer, Jackson MS, Former 172D Air National Guard, Base Contracting Officer Terri Todd – Board Secretary/JennCole Design School, Inc, Linden Board of Education Secretary, Linden NJ, Former Rare Editions New York Technical Design Specialist, Community Development Director, Linden NJ Fatemia Milton – Board Treasurer/ JennCole Design School, Inc, Client Service Director/Jenny Craig, Houston Texas, Senior Account Executive/Cumulus Media- Lake Charles LA, Former Digital Client Specialist/Account Executive 16WAPT Hearst Corp, Jackson MS So get familiar with these names because they are going to make history and make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged through the Fashion Industry. #jenncoledesignschool @jenncole_designschool #thetasteofafrica #jenncoledesigns @jenncole_designs @thetasteofafrika @mrwearghana #afrika #ghana #fashion #designing #modeling #africa #ghanian #africanfashion #gambia #ghanafashion #fashionbloggers #kenya #morocco #zimbabwe #africanwomen #empoweringwomen #rwanda #sierraleone #senegal #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen

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