Is Hushpuppi richer than Mompha?


There are many influential individuals in Nigeria currently. These influential characters are politicians, music stars, social media sensations, business tycoons among others. One thing which is noted about them is that apart from the fame, most of them have strong financial bases.

Two very influential and wealthy individuals in Nigeria are Hushpuppi and Mompha. We will compare these two to see which one is richer.

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Who is wealthier between Hushpuppi and Mompha?

Before we can answer this question, we have to look at what they do and their respective net worth. Ramon Abbas, who is well known as Hushpuppi, Hush or Ray Hushpuppi is a Nigerian Instagram celebrity who is currently facing criminal charges in the United States for conspiracy to launder money and many similar charges. He has a net worth of approximately $35.5 million.

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Mompha also known as Ismail Mustapha is a Nigerian businessman who has a net worth of approximately $20 million as of 2022. Looking at their respective net worth, Hushpuppi is quite wealthier than Mompha.

But unlike Hushpuppi who is believed to obtain his income from internet frauds, Mompha is a legitimate business owner. These two Nigerian big boys and noted for lavish lifestyles which speaks greatly about their wealth. But Hushpuppi is currently in the grip of American authorities for alleged fraud.

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