Just In: GES Issues A Statement For FREE Inter-Regional Transfer For Teachers


Mobility in the pen and chalk fraternity has always come along with a huge controversy as teachers across Ghana have always been facing serious challenges in regards to changes of a bank, change of management units, or possibly a district or regional transfer.

In relation to this, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has attended to the plea of teachers across each region and the executive board of the education service issues a statement plan to enable teachers in the district across region apply for a re-posting in the same region from one district to the other.

According to the statement that was issued by the Ghana Education Service (GES)  received by TheBBCghana.Com indicates that teachers across a region are at their own liberty to apply for inter-regional transfer, the BBC Ghana reports.

The new post which supersedes the earlier one on Inter-regional transfer is posted below.

Check the Process For Inter-Regional Transfer Below as gathered by theBBCghana.Com:

1. Secure Assurance Letter

2. With your assurance letter, apply for reposting at the District Education Office.

3. District may then issue an approval for reposting as a cover letter, which will be forwarded to the Regional for approval, then a full set of documents sent to Director-General.

4. Director General’s approval will be issued and sent to the Region.

5. The region will then issue release.

Check out the post below:

GES Inter-Regional Transfer For Teachers
GES Inter-Regional Transfer For Teachers

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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