Mahama and NDC are financing NPP’s independent parliamentary candidates –  Abronye DC

Mahama’s Monthly Salary Contributing To Ghana’s Rising Debt – Abronye DC
Mahama’s Monthly Salary Contributing To Ghana’s Rising Debt – Abronye DC

The Chairman for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Bono Region, Abronye DC has expressed his frustration with the manner with which party leadership is managing its campaign to counter the threats posed by parliamentary candidates who parted with the party to contest as independent candidates for the 2020 elections.

According to Abronye DC grounds are not that good for some constituencies where these instances have been recorded.

Speaking on Wontumi TV’s Security Tips Show, Abronye cried that these occurrences are demotivating to those like himself who have sacrificed to make sure the NPP parliamentary candidates win the 2020 elections.

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He alleged that the opposition party; National Democratic Congress (NDC) is behind these independent candidates, “and they are resourcing them.”

He cried that they would be compelled to stop campaigning for their parliamentary candidates if party leadership fail to provide some reasonable strategy to counter them.

“…tell us so that some of us will stop campaigning and concentrate on different things. Because I cannot campaign for a presidential candidate who at the end of the day will win overwhelmingly but for the parochial interest of some people within the party, someone will go to the opposition party, seek financial support to destroy our chances at the parliamentary level. No! Nobody is going to allow that.”

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Abronye intimated that the final days going into the election shall be fierce as they would not give anyone a chance to mar the gains, they’ve made to retain the President and the incumbent MPs together with their strongholds.

To him, the opponent is using the independent candidates to shred the votes so they can have their way through with a simple majority at the parliamentary level.

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Abronye indicated that the bait is to create an impression that there was a ‘skirt and blouse’ voting in those areas, as the majority would vote massively for President Nana Addo and leave the parliamentary to a scuffle.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com