Meet the Beautiful MTN Worker Behind The Voice “You Have ONE MINUTE Remaining” – Photos

Kgomotso Christopher
Kgomotso Christopher

As an MTN in customers in Ghana, have in one or the other wondered or have been pondering on the woman behind the melodious voices that warn customers whenever their airtime is exhausted, or who tells them that your account balance is too low to make a call?

The person behind the sweet voice has finally been uncovered and surprisingly the same number of individuals would have imagined that is a white lady, the woman behind the voice is black as remains an African.

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Kgomotso Christopher is a South African, and a capable voice craftsman who has one of the most pleasant client care voice.

Kgomotso Christopher is the MTN staff behind the voices: “You have one moment remaining, and you have insufficient balance to complete this call” the word a lot of individuals doesn’t care for hearing.

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Kgomotso Christopher is an alum from Columbia College in New York, USA. She has been working for the versatile media communication’s organization MTN, for a long time.

The personality of Kgomotso Christopher was as of late uncovered, and this got a lot of MTN clients talking as they wandered about the Excellent MTN staff behind the well-known voice.

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Check a picture of Kgomotso below:

Source: TheBBCghana.Com