“Who will defend teachers in the villages now that Teacher Kwadwo has been sacked? – Realest Blogger

Realest Blogger and Teacher Kwadwo
“Who will defend teachers in the villages now that Teacher Kwadwo has been sacked? – Realest Blogger quizzes

Teacher Kwadwo born Michael Owusu Afriyie in a post on his Facebook timeline on Saturday, December 18, 2021, disclosed that he had received a letter from the district office of GES which implicates him for misconduct, thus the decision to sack him.

In effect, his license which guarantees his employment with the Ghana Education Service (GES) has been suspended while he has been relieved of his position.

Consequently, opinions have been divided in reference to those throwing their support behind GES and those chastising GES for revoking the license of Teacher Kwadwo who has been doing a lot of good to change the narrative of teaching in Ghana via philanthropic works.

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Y’all know how countless times Teacher Kwadwo used his pocket money to purchase school uniforms, buy shoes, bags, stationeries, etc. not only for his pupils but extended it to other schools

Besides, Teacher Kwadwo has been the biggest advocate to stop teacher bullying by their superiors (district GES directors and SISO) and is afraid to speak for fear of losing their jobs.

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It’s at the back of this that Realest Blogger has lamented how teachers in the villages or better still in the deprived communities will cope now that their freedom fighter in the person of Teacher Kwadwo has been sacked.

“The teaching fraternity has lost a good man. I don’t teach, but analysing events from afar, the FAQs is, who will fight for these gullible teachers especially those in deprived communities

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“Michael Owusu Afriyie, God got you regardless Your impact in the sickening institution have been written boldly in the hearts of the very students who passed through your hands.

“I believe, someday, one of your students will cause the biggest revolution in the education sector taking inspiration from your footprints.

“Like Asante Kotoko, wokum apem a apem bɛba. To sum everything up, posterity as they say remains the very best judge in human history!”, Realest Blogger opined.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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