“Akufo Addo’s gov’t can only boast of Free SHS, nothing else” – Nana Romeo

“Akufo Addo’s gov’t can only boast of Free SHS and nothing else” – Nana Romeo
“Akufo Addo’s gov’t can only boast of Free SHS and nothing else” – Nana Romeo

Radio host Nana Romeo of Ghana is dissatisfied with the Akufo Addo administration because it has not kept the promises it made during its campaign.

The outspoken on-air personality branded the NPP administration the worst in history during an interview with Prekese Radio. He made this statement because the NPP government has broken most of the promises it made to Ghanaians.

Nana Romeo leveled criticism at the party in power, stating that it can only boast about its free SHS program, which pays for the education expenses of all secondary students.

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“This dictatorship is one of the worst in the world. The very worst government Ghana has ever had. He made the observation that the Akufo-Addo government can only say that free SHS would be provided.

According to him, the majority of NPP members are hesitant to announce their membership in large numbers because they believe the ruling party has disappointed the people and failed to deliver on most of its promises. He said this is because they believe the party has failed to deliver on most of its promises.

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“Most NPP members are reluctant to come out because they feel bad since most of the promises the leaders made before entering government,” he added. “This is because the leaders have broken most of the commitments they made before they took office.”

Nana Romeo said that despite the fact that every government has challenges, the situation under the administration of Akufo Addo has deteriorated to the point that even children are complaining.

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Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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