Check Out The List of Stubborn Senior High Schools in Ghana

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A lot has been said about the best Senior High Schools in Ghana. However, there is not much information about which of these schools are perceived to be stubborn.

This is definitely not a measure of the schools’ academic prowess, but rather the students’ behaviour. Every SHS has something that it is known for, and for some schools, the reputation is not a good one. What are the most stubborn SHS in Ghana?

Some of the reputations that the schools have are not accurate, and some are just clichés. In some cases, the school has changed, but it hasn’t managed to shake off that image. The schools in this list are those that are seen as the most stubborn in Ghana.

Most stubborn SHS in Ghana

The word stubborn can be interpreted in different ways. The dictionary definition is “having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially despite good arguments or reasons to do so.” The schools in this list have in one way or another fallen into this category and have gained a reputation for their behavior.

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1. Accra Academy

Accra Academy, located in Bubuashie, is one of the best Senior High Schools in Ghana. It is a non-denominational day and boarding boys’ school. The institution’s courses include business, science, general arts, general agriculture, and visual arts.

It was established in 1931, and its greatness has only gone up since then. During its long tenure, the school has gained a reputation for aggression. The students resort to being aggressive any time they get into a confrontation. This behavior from its students has made it one of the schools that are not disciplined.

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2. Wesley Girls High School

Wesley Girls is another SHS that was founded in 1836. The school is located on Cape Coast. It was named after John Wesley, who founded the school all those years ago. The girls from this school are known to feel superior to others.

This is not necessarily a bad trait, but it is bound to make students from other schools think that the girls are very stubborn. The girls from Wesley are taught to think highly of themselves, which translates into their interaction with others.

3. Achimota School

Achimota School, previously known as Prince of Wales College and School Achimota, is a boarding school located at Achimota in Accra.

The school has a great history, and its alumni include a lot of recognizable names. Some of these names are Kwame Nkrumah, Edward Akufo-Addo, Jerry John Rawlings, and many others. However, the school is also known for the number of events that it hosts in a year. In fact, it is rumored that they have more events than classes.

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4. Adisadel College

Adisadel College, popularly known as ADISCO, is an Anglican boarding school in Cape Coast, Ghana. It was established in 1910 and initially had 29 students. The number has undoubtedly grown since then.

Adisadel College has gained a reputation for being one of the stubborn technical SHS in Ghana. The students are known as the perfect bad boys. The school is a great institution, and the grades that the students get are proof of that. Although their academic performance is great, the students also tend towards being very rowdy. The boys are known to enjoy breaking the rules.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com