Pay All Teachers Arrears Before 2020 Elections Or Else We Will Spit Blood – Teachers To Government


As the 2020 general election surges, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) turns to be the party with all the attention as the pressure from pressure groups, aggrieved employees, unemployed graduates and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) turns to use this political year as the gateway to getting their grievances heard by the government, reports

The largest opposition in the country in the shape of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is also on the other faction a threat to the ruling Nana Akufo Addo led administration as they also, in turn, threatens the government of Ghana with its failed promises and also barks at the Electoral Commission for all the partisan reasons.

According to the teachers across Ghana, the ruling NPP lied to Ghanaians that he has paid 95% of teacher’s legacy arrears.

NPP wants to tell 2013 to 2016 teachers that he didn’t employ us for him to pay our arrears, and we should vote for John Dramani Mahama to come and pay our arrears.

The BBC Ghana came across a circular that was being written by a teacher and the rate at which the said plea goes viral draws my attention on the need to share it with readers on this platform since a movement official may have hold of it and draw the government’s attention on it.

The circular as received by TheBBCghana.Com reads:

Pay Teachers Arrears Before 2020 Elections Or Else We Will Spit Blood

“I write with to share with my colleague teachers in every bit and part of this country that has in one way or the other dedicated himself or herself by venturing into a profession that calls for poverty for oneself.

In fact my few years in the teaching fraternity has taught me some lessons and I can deny sharing it will my noble colleagues on this platform”

The New Patriotic Party in the heat of the 2016 general elections promised us to pay all teachers arrears during their campaign at various colleges in 2016 of which I witnessed these sermons of which they have turn to pay deaf ears to after capturing the victory.

The NPP should not joke with teachers because we are the chief campaign officers in almost all the communities in the country where children and parents listen to us ( teachers).

NPP should know that teachers are where even NPP campaign officers can not come and campaign.

All teachers are one family, and we make and unmake governments in elections!

Source: TheBBCghana.Com
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