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Richest Neighbourhoods in Denver


Denver is the capital of Colorado. There are many neighborhoods in Denver that come together to make it the most populous county, city, and capital of Colorado. These neighborhoods are popular for their wealth. Have you ever wondered what the richest neighborhoods in Denver are?

What are the wealthiest neighborhoods in Denver?

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Denver has a total number of 74 neighborhoods. Some of the neighborhoods are richer than others. We will look at some of the richest neighborhoods in Denver.

1. Cherry Creek is the richest neighborhood in Denver with a median household income of $124,277. People in this part mostly live in affluence.

2. Stapleton ranks as the second richest neighborhood in Denver. It has a median household income of $120,028

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3. Washington Park. It has a median household income of $104,384.

4. Central East Denver has a median household income of $88,432.

5. Auraria has a median household income of $85,521.

These are the five richest neighborhoods in Denver. There are, of course, many other rich neighborhoods such as Golden Triangle, Park Hill, Highland, University, and many others.

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Every city has its best neighborhoods where everyone will love to live. But People mostly like to live in the richer cities where life is more fun than in the less wealthy cities.