‘Travel to Seychelles and teach there if you think GES salary is small’ – Angel Carbonu tells teachers

Angel Carbonu
President of NAGRAT, Mr. Angel Carbonu

The request by the Seychelles government to recruit more Ghanaian teachers has both positive and negative consequences, according to NAGRAT President Angel Carbonu.

The President of Seychelles has requested that more Ghanaian teachers be sent to his country to improve education.

Angel Carbonu, President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers, discussed the new development with Citi News.

“It is a factor of demand and supply, and where the teacher gets fulfilment by way of enumeration, better working conditions, and what enhances his/her wellbeing in life. We have a lot of professors and doctors working all over the world.

“If any country wants the services of a Ghanaian teacher and the teacher does his analysis and feels he/she will be fine outside the country, nothing stops him/her from resigning from the Ghana Education Service and joining wherever that needs their services.”

“I don’t think it is anything out of place, it does happen. So far as your citizens are protected, you can then as a government engage in an official arrangement. Nonetheless, we should not come to a conclusion that we have a glut of teachers in this country, it would be a wrong conclusion because the class sizes are still very enormous.”

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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