Why did Farrah Abraham get arrested?


It is no longer news that 16 and Pregnant reality Tv star, Farrah Abraham was arrested. She was arrested after a misunderstanding that took place at Grand Master Records in Hollywood.

The issue happened on January 16, 2022, when she went to dine. Taking to Instagram she shared videos and photos of how the security man on duty manhandled her.

Farrah Abraham was reported after the incident and was arrested and sent to the Los Angeles Police department.

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She was booked at the police station at 12:20 AM, it was a citizen arrest.

Shortly, afterward, she was released but Farrah Abraham will appear in court on May 19, 2022.

Why did Farrah Abraham get arrested?

According to the present facts, her arrest was because she allegedly slapped a bodyguard at the hotel.

Law enforcement sources say, Farrah allegedly slapped a security guard at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood, where she and a friend were partying. An eyewitness tells TMZ someone in the club allegedly assaulted them … someone described as a Farrah “hater.”

What Farrah Abraham told TMZ.

Farrah tells TMZ … “I’m tired of being maliciously battered, attacked, conspired against while having dinner at Grand Master Records, this was a private person’s arrest my lawyer is handling from here. It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I can not even enjoy dinner as I’m the only person out of 3 attacked and harassed when. I look forward to court as always, warning this place is a danger to public figures.”

Below are photos of her bruises:

farrah-abraham-arrested farrah-abraham-arrested

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