You SHAPELESS, Quit Rapping and Join Atinka Tv’s Di Asa – Sista Afia Disgraces Eno Barony (+ Video

Sista Afia smells
Sista Afia smells - Eno Barony

The coming days in our music industry will be more interesting taking into consideration how our female rappers have decided for obvious reasons jab one another.

Although the whole beef was championed by Sista Afia following the release of her semi-wack song titled “WMT”. Days after releasing “WMT”, she came out with another hot diss song christened “You Got Nerves” just to show Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz that she too can rap.

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Sista Afia said a lot of things in “You Got Nerves”, but the line that caught the attention of Kofi Anokye PhD of TheBBCghana.Com fame was when she admonished Eno Barony to quit rap and join Atinka Tv’s flagship program for obese women dubbed “Di Asa”.

Remember that Eno Barony is obese, therefore, as far as Di Asa reality show is meant or obese ladies, Eno Barony will excel better than wasting her time doing rap for decades but still anonymous in the game or better still remains underground rapper.

Video BELOW:


Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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