Tips to keep your skin healthy and hydrated

Healthy skin
Healthy skin

Confidence advocate and media personality, Casandra, has shared some tips that can help people keep their skin hydrated and healthy at all times.

Speaking on eTV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices show with host, Eunice Tornyi, she observed that a lot of people try to avoid drinking water when it’s close to bedtime because they do not want to wake up intermittently at midnight to urinate.

However, she advised that to have hydrated and healthy skin, it is very important to drink a lot of water.

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Again, Casandra noted that eating healthy is also very important for healthy skin. She explained that as we grow, the body is no longer the same and in our part of the world, it is not in our orientation to take supplements, therefore people need to be mindful of the nutrients in the food they eat.

She counseled that for people who are very busy and may not have time to check their meals, they must have supplements like vitamins to keep their nutrient level balanced.

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“There are people who do not have rashes, eczema, dry skin or any sort of problem with their skin but not all of us are blessed with that. If you aren’t blessed with that naturally beautiful skin, you can still do something to make it very healthy. At least, when it is healthy and it is breathing, it is fine”, she said.

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According to her, the second part of confidence is where one accepts that their body and mind is in a good state, therefore, “accepting yourself will reflect the way people look at you and the way you will look at someone”.

Casandra urged people to be particular about their skin because it adds up to their confidence and in turn, their beauty and how much they attract people.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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