Five Major Reasons Why Every Woman Should Wear Waist Beads

Reasons why every woman should wear waist beads
Reasons why every woman should wear waist beads

Waist beads, also known as belly chains were common sight growing up in the 90s in Ghana. From newborns to teenagers and even grey heads.

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Though some people wear waist beads for evil purposes; some wear protection against evil ones, for attraction and other reasons.

Whichever way you see waist beads, whatever reason(s) you wear it, wearing of waist beads is our Cultural Heritage and we can’t deny it. Waist beads have come to stay. It’s part of African culture!

The following are the few marked out reasons why women should wear beads:

  1. It Makes Women Feel Attractive And Sensual

Waist Beads have been used by women to feel attractive, beautiful and Sensual. For some women, it gives them that s*xual appeal. Some ladies wear the beads as a means of seduction to provoke desire.

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That’s why some beads have bells and once it rattles, their boyfriend/husband will now know they are feeling s*xy and wants to get some.

  1. It Is A Rites of Passage

In Africa cultures, waist beads are worn to show maturity and growth. In some places, when a girl has seen her first period, she usually wore waist beads as a ceremonial rite of passage into womanhood.

  1. It Helps Women Posture

Waist Beads have been used by girls to become more aware of their stomach and sitting posture.

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They serve as a reminder to know when to sit straight or when to tighten your stomach muscles so your big stomach doesn’t pop out (if you have one). The beads fit differently depending on how a girl is sitting.

  1. It Helps With Weight Loss

Are you tired of wearing waist trainer? Buy a waist Beads! They will help you shrink your waist and also help you watch your weight.

Normally, the beads will sit on your hips but once it starts climbing up and resting on your stomach, you will know you have added some weight and it’s time to be mindful of what you eat.

  1. It Is Our Cultural Heritage And Pride

Most black woman abroad but the waist beads to show off their heritage as Africans. Most of them wear beads to connect to their ancestors who were sold into slavery.

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The beads are used as a reminder that their heritage is not far away and they also use it to celebrate their culture.


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